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Irreverent. Passionate. Storied.

For nearly 130 years, The Algiers Inn has been a mainstay of innovative yet approachable food, drink, and entertainment in the heart of Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland.


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The Algiers Inn’s History

The Algiers Inn stands in the shadow of the castle Dún Na Séad, once the seat of power of the infamous O’Driscoll clan. For centuries and up until the establishment of the pub, Baltimore had been a haven of smugglers and pirates. The Algiers Inn’s history during this time is a murky one, however rumors persist that it operated as an illicit síbín under the cover of a bakery and shop. In 1893, the Beamish & Crawford Brewery formally established a pub on the premises to coincide with the arrival of the Baltimore extension of the Cork, Bandon, and South Coast Railway. The railway opened the village to legitimate commerce and tourism, forcing the pirates and smugglers to more secluded harbours.

The Algiers Inn’s name memorializes the “Sack of Baltimore” where in 1631 Corsairs from Algiers raided the village, abducted, and sold into slavery 107 men, women, and children, settlers from England all of them. No Irish names appear on the list of those taken in the raid because, it is said, it was the Irish who had arranged it.

At The Algiers Inn, we make it our mission is to provide a locally sourced, yet globally focused, innovative yet approachable, quirky yet authentic food, drink, and entertainment experience. We are passionate about what we do!

About Ann and Bill Hillyard

Throughout the thirty years they have been married, Bill and Ann traveled the globe as veritable food explorers, immersing themselves in the culinary cultures of the places they found themselves, discovering and collecting ingredients and techniques to be combined and reimagined and shared.

It is this love of travel that inspires the food they make. It reflects not only their California roots but also places as diverse as Mexico and Thailand, as well as here in Ireland. For them, food and cooking are not just about taste and flavor, however. It is about using innovation and creativity to generate shared experiences at the table. It is about bringing together family and friends to relish the bounty of West Cork meats, cheeses, seafood and produce.

Why Baltimore

In West Cork, Ann and Bill Hillyard have found a thriving culinary spirit reminiscent of the California of Alice Waters’ time. Here entrepreneurial farmers and fishermen deliver an amazing bounty of fresh local meats, cheeses, dairy, and vegetables. Call in to experience this bounty translated into an innovative and authentic yet approachable experience.